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Education for All, a Charlotte Mason Journal, Philippines pricing

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Education for All, a Charlotte Mason Journal, Philippines pricing

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Philippine pricing for the Premier issue of a brand-new Charlotte Mason journal. Includes reprints of Parents' Review articles that haven't been reprinted for over 100 years.

Table of Contents: (numbers are page #s)

1. Cover (even our cover has living ideas!

2. Each Helps All (the proper spirit for C.M. Educators, found in a previously unplublished L'Umile Pianta)

3. lack of handcrafting experience hurting medical students

4. Our Children's Play- a PR article

7. Team Sports vs Free Play ~ Charlotte Mason 8. Raising Children with Grit, a PR article

12. Sample Cooking Lesson from a House of Education student

13. Imagination in Childhood, a newly republished PR article, available in easily readable format for the first time in a hundred years

17. Two Christmas Crafts

18. Three Quick Takes: Sensory Play, 'Things of Education,' Character Training in Home Life

19. The Principles Behind Handiwork, excerpted from a PR article

20. A Philosophy of Handicrafts,

21. Craft: Candle Decorating

22. The Value of 'I Don't Know' in Nature Study, Comstock

23. Sloyd, Training for Life, from an 1890 Teacher's Guild Presentation

24. Benefits of Nature Study,

25. Why Children Need Outside Play

27. Craft: Pre-basket weaving (make a frame)

28. Why We Draw, from a PR article by W. G. Collingwood,

28. Fish & Flowers in a Homeschool Room, from a PR article

29. Rainy Afternoon Activities, PR article

30. In Conclusion (application of a fantastic passage from vol. 6)

Helpful and inspiring quotes sprinkled on every page

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